Drawings: New function: One-click drawing, as a nice tool for beginners, just to get started. Scale less than 1:1 for very small parts. New Angular Dimension function. Connection: Improved restart of Service when there are internet connection issues. Go to the full NEWS for a complete list.
Hapy New Year 2023 -tysdag 3. januar 2023
For 2023 our goal is to advance from "beta-phase" into full alpha production phase as soon as possible. Staring today, we intend to post weekly update of our Service Reliability, based on successful runs from our "robot tester". If every test is successfull, then we consider that a 100% score. Click on "Details" to see the full graph.
Cadify Ver. 1.1.108 -fredag 21. januar 2022
• Create or Edit list based control type by select range in Excel or fill the input field with a formula. • Warn user for possible unconnected MateReferences in the model. • Service stucked runs by trying to save on closed models.
Cadify Ver. 1.1.107 -torsdag 20. januar 2022
Publish Process bug fixed, and improved bug detection handling. Improved Cadify Library file handling
Cadify Ver. 1.1.106 -søndag 16. januar 2022
Features: There is a new tool to calculate dependencies in control type hierarchy