About us

Cadify was started by Jørn Watvedt and András Hervai in 2017, initially as a part-time project. The business idea was to give a fresh start on past projects with automation software for product 3D modelling, drawings and documentation for build-to-order products in the mechanical industry.

Actually, the driving force is frustration with inefficiencies and repetitive work on seemingly similar and mundane tasks in the quote, order and manufacturing processes. Our challenge then, is to take care of all of the accumulated product knowledge in the organization and communicate that in a user-friendly medium.

Our solution is to start with a 3D model of the Product, connect that model thru a spreadsheet to all accumulated knowledge: Performance, variance, raw material, manufacturing, logistics, costings and final product life cycle information. This information is arranged and presented thru familiar user interfaces: Creation of the Product in 3D model program, variants and physics with a spreadsheet, public presentation and configuration in web ecommerce client, manufacturing documents as PDF files, and connect with ERP systems thru API’s.

Development milestones:

2017: Initial development plan and agreement between Jørn Watvedt and András Hervai

2018: Transitioning from part time side-project to full time project.

2019: Gabor Farkas was invited as partner and part time developer. Imre hired as full time developer.

2020: Integration with ecommerce and development of the Cadify Update Services.

2021: Core development for MVP - Minimum Viable Product – completed, beta phase started.

2022: Beta test phase with focus on specific product requirements, testing and scaling. Cadify Service infrastructure, cloud integration, authentication and staging. API development.

2023: Planned full scale rollout in limited industries and limited areas.


The Cadify Team:

Jørn Watvedt
Jørn Watvedt

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering and Computerized Process Automation

Started his career as Product Development Engineer at farm implement manufacturing company Kverneland as, moved to mechanical offshore industry Mjørud as, two years at Pall Filtration Florida USA, started Wide Industrier from scratch in 1996, then sold out in 2018 to focus fully on Cadify.


András Hervai, Manager
András Hervai

Bachelor in IT Engineering, Master in Nature Conservation Engineering, and Ph.D. in Geosciences.

Worked as a Ph. D. student and later as an assistant teacher for the University of Pécs Faculty of Sciences Department of Geography. Spent two and a half years at Esri Hungary Ltd as a senior software developer. Work on CAD automation projects with Jørn Watvedt since 2013, Cadify since 2017


Imre Szücs
Imre Szücs

Imre is 27 years, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering,

Born in the village of Pincehely in Tolna county, grew up Tamási, then moved to Pécs.

Already as a young boy, I was interested in machines and their operation. As personal computers evolved, I loved replacing old parts or building new ones. After a while, I became interested in the software operation of computers, so after high school, I started studying to broaden my knowledge of software engineering. During my college years, I  experienced several jobs, for example as a bartender at festivals, and I worked in the construction field of my hometown as part of a summer job.
After I got my bachelor's degree in computer science engineering, I started to work at Cadify here in Pécs, as a software developer. My own experience grew along with my knowledge and development of the software.
Besides working, I also like to have fun with my friends; we usually participate in cooking competitions, go on trips, or just get together for board games.