Our mission is to transform your production pipeline into a self-service kiosk

Cadify transformative mission

Cadify is an online product configurator that customize a 3D model of a Product in a familiar ecommerce web client interface. The Product model, drawings, specifications and documents are updated to reflect the customized Product. Production drawings, instructions and specification are ready for distribution into the production pipeline as soon as the order is confirmed.



Give your Customer privileged insight into all the Product possibilities

Web user interface to every aspect of Product

Cadify is like a knowledge engine loaded with all of the Product and Production capabilities. Now the customer has a direct interface to match his own requirements, possible compromises, and the delicate balance between price, quality and delivery time. Always available, either for a quick estimate, or for an in-depth study for best possible match.



Manage your Production in unison, by using Cadify

Production operating in symphony

Our vision is to have the production pipeline playing in symphony, everyone in the same tune. All drawings, BOM’s and instructions generated by Cadify, originate from the same Product configuration. When all come together in the final assembly, the final product is the configurated product, ready to be shipped.



We depend on your Customer

Cadify depend on happy Customer

We truly believe in that our business is dependent on your business, and that our effort must create happy Customers for you. We share in the risk of investing in new Products, and we make our money primarily as metered cost based on actual usage, in a utility model. 


Putting all the pieces together

All the pieces of Cadify

Cadify is an automation software used between businesses (B2B), integrated with SolidWorks 3D modeler and Excel. With the help of the SolidWorks Addin, the SolidWorks engineer can plan and develop 3D models and 2D drawings that are ready for configurator automation. Update of 3D model, drawings, and documents are based on the customizable product properties that are evaluated in the Excel workbook. Publishing the product to the Web, takes it from the design phase to the online store directly by the SolidWorks engineer.

Cadify establishes secure data storage in all stages from 3D model through product documentation to presentation in the online store. Fine-grained rights control at individual log-in access settings for who is allowed to open which document. Sensitive information like original 3Dmodel, costing, BOM’s, etc. are protected by this access right management.