Cadify ver 1.6.1 installed 2023 05 18

Thursday, 18 May 2023
  • Drawing validation will change back to previous activated sheet if the drawing was opened before.
  • Drawing scale will be updated properly after model size changed.
  • Helix and Sweep Cut features are included into Cadify Feature hierarchy.
  • One-click drawing creation.
  • Service stopped by lack of internet speed or lost connection with dropbox fixed.
  • Showing the right drawing selection’s settings form on Drawing Panel.
  • Cadify Appearance color and textures new available.
  • Possibility to reverse scale drawings added.
  • Position Angular dimensions as Orthogonals. (4 different positions on each side of the model)
  • Cadify Control display order now working properly.
  • Allow to create a list based Cadify Control with only one element.
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